Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's this all about?

Hello.  I should probably mention my deep rooted love/hate relationship with the kitchen.   If I'm given a recipe, my rebellious streak takes over and I'm compelled to alter it in some way.   I can turn into a Jerry Lewis character very quickly, so I've had to earn my talent with lots of experimenting.  I do this when my family is asleep, and often let the expletives fly (or at least in my head when my daughter is awake).   I can't say I remember baking as a toddler, as so many cooks can boast having held a spatula  before they could speak.  I do remember sneaking into my Grandmother's Hermit cookies though, so naturally I would later have to veganize them.   I do have fond memories in her kitchen, and by some odd coincidence we were baking vegan cakes without realizing it.   I've never been afraid of Tofu, and if you are don't need to be.  Tofu is an incredible medium for taking on just about any flavor and many textures.  For the record, I'm cool with meat eating friends, as long as they don't show up carrying a side of beef and a jigsaw.  ;o)   Bare with me on this new journey, I'm by no means a "photographer".  Infact, it's the one elective in art school I regret not taking.   Let's hope I am better at blogging than I am with keeping a journal in one piece and out of the trash.

Stay tuned for photos ~

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