Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orange Dreamsicle ~ sweet summer nostalgia

Who can deny the nostalgic summer  flavors of orange & vanilla?   The sweet siren song of the ice cream truck, as it speeds by your neighborhood at virtual warp speed...followed by legions of screaming children all desperate for a brief taste of icy bliss.   Pure joy, juxtaposed against those carnival-esque, nightmarish sped up tunes:  Mulberry Bush, Pop Goes the Weasel,  and the like.   I once even heard a freakish version of "I've Got Rhythm"......yep....I'm a hardcore fan of Orange and vanilla.   
I used my own vanilla cake recipe and simply folded in some orange zest right before pouring it into the pan, along with a little pure orange extract.  I iced and filled the cake with orange-vanilla frosting, again just adding a little orange extract to my vanilla frosting, to taste.   (I posted a simple frosting recipe on the recipes page).  Any vanilla cake recipe should work, but please don't use a box mix...scratch baking is so much easier than people think, and the results are worth it!  All you need is a solid recipe and a little know-how...and (while they mean well),  try not to take vegan baking advice from non-vegans...I don't give advice on how to roast a rack of lamb.  ;o) 

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  1. Nice simple add ons to what most of us already have. I think we all have that go to cake and icing recipe.
    Thanks, and too funny, we shouldn't take meat cooking advice from those that don't eat it :)