Friday, February 11, 2011


I found a recipe for homemade vegan lunch "meat"  from the Vegan Dad blog, very innovative.  I'm not sure I should post his recipe without permission, so I linked it to his blog.  I made some modifications based on what was on  hand at the time, but it came out GREAT.  My daughter especially loved the way it smelled just prior to adding the vital wheat gluten, she said it smelled like a yummy soup!  We chopped it up and added it to a chickpea & spinach soup, while my husband made a sandwich with mustard.   This is a great way to avoid having to purchase expensive (and often over-rated) store bought slices.  It's not about trying to fake "meat"...for us it's all about variety.

Tofurkey melt
(with tomato-sage sauce)

Easily,  my daughter's all time favorite lunch.  I make a killer grilled "cheese" why not a tofurkey melt? (with pickles!)  Maybe this is unusual, but I LOVED those brick hard grilled sandwiches in grammar school that sat under the heat lamps and were virtually impossible to bite into.  I've always tried to make my grilled "cheese" sandwiches that way.   Not having a heat lamp, I (vegan) butter and grill both sides of the bread.  I grill one side, assemble the sandwich, then return  to pan to grill the other sides.   I've used all sorts of "cheeses", you just  have to let it sit in the pan a bit covered in foil to melt all the way.  Turn off the heat first.   If you leave it long enough, the "cheese" oozes out when cut.

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